hackers are the evil lord descendants

Two unfor­tu­nate bud­dies got sen­tenced 20 years of jail time for hack­ing into com­puter net­works to change their grades. That’s a freak­ing long period of time. So much for the effort of chang­ing the grades to get a better career. They’re prob­a­bly like 40 when they get out of jail!

While that may be effec­tive in set­ting an exam­ple to people who want to do naughty things at school. That’s pretty absurd when you com­pare it to the fact that a con­vict of credit card fraud serves a mere 13 years. It’s really funny at times look­ing at how the feds do things. On one hand, they esti­mate a $3 bil­lion fraud credit card trans­ac­tions annu­ally. On the other hand, they some­how deter­mined that chang­ing some let­ters in the grade report is much more evil than steal­ing real stuffs with money.

I must say the reason for this absur­dity is the large pro­por­tion of old, stag­nant fags at the “upper level” of the soci­ety (who define laws). They prob­a­bly think hack­ers are mys­ti­cal evil min­ions who can per­form black magic unex­plain­able to them. While the truth is it requires MUCH more prac­tice and a MUCH steeper learn­ing curve to learn to hack. In a sense, the hack­ers got more pun­ish­ment for for paying more efforts. Woot.

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