stop working, start achieving

Living in the modern soci­ety is such a stress­ful thing. People work day and night in search of achieve­ments, be it wealth, rep­u­ta­tion or even a secure retired life. How many of us are already seeing a clear path to get­ting what we want?

For most people, if there isn’t a clear path to Nir­vana laid out, they’ll either give up or keep work­ing harder and harder to dig out the path.

That sounds rea­son­able, yet it is amaz­ing how many of us can’t see what’s wrong with such an approach. If what they are doing isn’t work­ing, why in the world do they keep doing it harder and harder?

When I can’t solve a puzzle by push­ing, the answer is often not push­ing it harder, but rather to pull it. The aver­age met­ro­pol­i­tan today works the whole day every day, and they “sleep back the hours” on week­ends. They rarely have time to come up with cre­ative ideas. They are trapped by the soci­ety, by the Matrix. Per­haps people call this a rat race for a reason. For people in it are often forced to become as dumb as rats.


Most people can’t answer the ques­tion “what do you really want to do in your life?” We need to have a clear goal if we want to achieve any­thing, but we are all too busy to think about that when we are trapped in the rat race.

The way out is to give your­self a break. Mus­cles don’t grow when you keep pump­ing the iron. They grow when you recover after exer­cise. To really grow, in terms of wealth, health or spir­i­tu­al­ity, stop work­ing and escape from the Matrix. Let your­self living con­sciously again.

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