XP Pen graphic tablet

Update: I’ve done some exten­sive research and this graphic tablet DOES NOT work in Win­dows Vista. The Vista driver in the offi­cial home­page doesn’t work, and I see no signs from the vendor updat­ing it. Con­sid­er­ing all P-ACTIVE tablets use the same driver, I’d advice against any Vista user to buy from them :p

Update #2: After some time, I acci­den­tally got this tablet work­ing again in Vista. The prob­lem seem to be related to wisptis.exe. If you don’t see this run­ning in your tasklist, try Win + R -> wisptis. I did this before I installed the offi­cial Vista driver. It worked fine as a point­ing device (with­out pres­sure detec­tion), then I installed the offi­cial driver and voilia! It worked like a charm!

After all these years of comptem­plat­ing, yes­ter­day I finally bought the my P-Active XP Pen graphic tablet:

Played around with it for a while. It was not as dif­fi­cult to pick up as I thought. Here’s a quick sketch I did after like 10 min­utes of practice:

Pretty fun to play with, not bad for around $500 HKD 🙂

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