Hide eclipse’s toolbar, permanently

I’ve been a long time eclipse user since 3.0. What has bug­gered me since that time is the mys­te­ri­ous tool­bar – there is no way to turn it off! Since I think around eclipse 3.3 they added an option on the right click menu to “Hide Toolbar”, but that is only tem­po­rary. The tool­bar creeps right back in on restart!


After some LONG time strug­gle with the eclipse PDE (Plug-​in Devel­op­ment Envi­ron­ment), I finally rolled out this little plug-​in that hides the tool­bar for me on eclipse start up.

Man, I still cannot believe how much time it took to actu­ally write a simple plug-​in like this! Maybe that’s a reason why the eclipse plug-​in scene hasn’t seen much advances lately – there’s too darn little resources! I mean, for the most of us, dig­ging through API and classes man­u­ally aren’t the most pleas­ant thing to do.

Please go check out the Google Code project page or use this update site directly:


P.S. I prob­a­bly will write some ecilpse plug-​in tuto­ri­als later, if I feel like it. So please stay tuned!

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  • I’ve been look­ing for a plugin to do exactly this for some time and have just been too lazy to write it myself, so it’s very much appre­ci­ated. Two prob­lems though:

    1) On Win­dows it fails to enable the ‘Show Toolbar’ menu item, so I can only get the tool­bar back by remov­ing the plugin.

    2) Doesn’t work on the OSX ver­sion of eclipse 🙁

  • Thanks for your feed­back! I have to admit I haven’t tested it much and I mainly just use it for my own convenience.

    I think I’ll look into the prob­lems you described, espe­cially #1 which might pose a prob­lem for some people. (Ques­tion though: when would you actu­ally want to get the Tool­bar back?)

    2 probably will have to wait since I don’t use OSX myself :p

  • It’s rare that I ever need to switch the tool­bar back on, and when I do it’s usu­ally because I’ve for­got­ten the hotkey to do what I want. It was only an acci­dent that I noticed the menu option was miss­ing at all; I had just hap­pened to be in the ‘Window’ pull-​down and some­thing didn’t look quite right.

    Thanks for the reply, and the work! 🙂

  • Hey, nice plugin. Thank you for a great job. Works flaw­lessly on a Linux box.

  • Thanks a lot! Using it with RAD, very nice.

  • Hello. And Bye.

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