Monthly Archive for January, 2010

A Brief History of Time

I was just walk­ing around my dorm today and came across a poster about a talk to be held in my uni­ver­sity about Stephen Hawking’s book A Brief His­tory of Time.

I took a look at the related books area and instantly decided to set a mis­sion for myself: I’m going to read most (if not all) of Stephen Hawking’s writ­ings. They are so ele­gant and yet, simple. Hawking’s writ­ings read like a series of thought exper­i­ments: it’s not laden with terms and jar­gons for show­ing off’s sake, yet he man­ages to explain and pre­dict the most dif­fi­cult sci­ences of our nature. Truly, simple is beautiful.

the kiZZ notes — new title, new direction

I’ve been in and out of this blog of more than a couple of years now, and it’s been a piti­ful half a year ago since I wrote my last post. Ini­tially when I first started this blog, I was writ­ing about random stuffs (it was called kiZZ kiZZ’s daily ram­bling back then). Then I wanted to look smart and started to focus on writ­ing philo­soph­i­cal stuffs like why you shouldn’t get upset with people, but ideas quickly ran out and posts stopped coming out. Then I started writ­ing about random things again but with­out a clear direc­tion, the moti­va­tion just wasn’t there after the excite­ment of open­ing a blog worn off. After migrat­ing tech­ni­cal posts over to my other blog Code for Concin­nity, my main blog here quickly became stagnant.

Recently Bill Gates opened his new per­sonal Web site the Gates Notes, where he writes about what he’s learn­ing lately. That sud­denly reminded of my true pas­sion of all time – learn­ing. That’s right, I love learn­ing things of all kinds: tech­ni­cal, philo­soph­i­cal fluff talks or any­thing, it’s just always fun. That is going to be the new direc­tion of my blog – I’ll write about what I’m learn­ing lately and my new wicked ideas, so all of you out there can get a sip of my greatness. 🙂

Kudos to Bill for the nice idea and inspi­ra­tion. You prob­a­bly deserve to be so rich after all, bas­tard. 😛