Gardsil HPV Hoax – welcome to the modern Dark Age

Today I just watched a video “Gard­sil HPV Vac­cine Hoax” That guy HealthRanger went on to explain how the FDA knew all along that Gardsil’s vac­cine does not help pre­vent­ing cervix cancer.

I haven’t really though too much about the topic before watch­ing the video, but dip­ping into the topic, I find it tremen­dously dis­turb­ing. This is a screen­shot I just took from Gardsil’s HPV “mini-site”:

What the heck? I have never expected it to look so darn like a typ­i­cal affil­i­ate marketing’s mini-​site. “It can affect your son too” — isn’t it get­ting bla­tantly obvi­ous they’re now trying to expand their market by broad­en­ing their fear campaign?

After all, the thing has only been released for sev­eral years, though the hype and media cov­er­age it has received is just not pro­por­tional! Here we have got celebri­ties sell­ing the vac­cine to me. If we really pull out for a bit and look at this from a high level — doesn’t it sound strange? I mean I have never seen vac­cines and med­ical stuff mar­keted like this. Maybe it’s just a change in trend, but maybe it’s a sad man­i­fes­ta­tion of our cap­i­tal­is­tic society.

Then again, that HealthRanger guy in the video keep preach­ing his own Web site new​star​, so I cannot say that he is 100% neu­tral on this matter too.

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