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time to Hold a Meeting!

Hold a Meeting

Why should we spend thousands to attend MBA courses?

You know, those are prob­a­bly not really useful anyway. In today’s tech­no­log­i­cally advanced world, we always have a cheaper alternative:

Ten Day MBA

Per­haps MBA courses’ biggest busi­ness suc­cess is shown by how they can wrap a book’s mate­r­ial in a year’s courses that costs thou­sands 😀

how to confuse an idiot?

Are you ready for this? These folks really have some cre­ative ideas:


type​r​ – Simple typing game against other live people!

Today I bumped into this very addic­tive game called Type­R­acer. A pic­ture says is all:

At first I thought “Oh it’s just another Flash game, I’ll give it a try because I like typing”, then volia! It’s not your ordi­nary every­day Flash game. For a Web-​based game, it offers a com­plete fea­ture set and a smooth expe­ri­ence of that of a real, installed game!

The random match­ing process is as smooth as it can be – just clikc “Race against others” and you’ll find your­self typing away in sec­onds! Simply click “race again” after a race and you’ll be instantly matched against other play­ers. The time I tried, there were enough play­ers on the server that I never had to wait for more than 10 sec­onds to be matched against other players.

They also have a “Invite friends” fea­tures where you can open a pri­vate room for invited friends only. That can be done by sim­ply­ing send­ing the URL to your friend, and they can instantly start play­ing – no forced reg­is­tra­tion, no noth­ing – that’s what you call fun!

Talk­ing about the reg­is­tra­tion, the sign up process was really smooth. First off, you don’t have to go through a clumsy reg­is­tra­tion process to start play­ing. Anyone can play as Guest, and if they find that they want to keep their records, just click on Sign up which only required you to fill in the user­name and pass­word – all in an AJAX box that required 0 page reloads.

Give it a try, my hats off to the devel­oper (Yeah I heard it’s a one-​man project.) Great job!

the magic cross

Stare at the black cross below. You’ll see the purple dots start to dis­ap­pear! You’ve got to stare at it pretty hard for this trick to work. Prob­a­bly about 30 sec­onds to a minute.

the world’s hardest game?

Should have been called The World’s Fuzzi­est Game


what happens in an hour long meeting?

I came across this this guy called Michael’s blog which is done pretty right.

so this is my future…

The Future Photo Museum ChrisのFuture Photo by Free Game Library FREEM!


I had a good laugh at this:


Galves’ adventure: eyemaze’s newest interactive puzzle game