what you see is what you believe, and what you have done


You’ve prob­a­bly heard the story about the old fellow sit­ting on his porch on the edge of his home­town who is approached by two sep­a­rate indi­vid­u­als at two sep­a­rate times. The first indi­vid­ual pulls up, gets out of his car, and asks the old man, “I’m think­ing of moving into town and I was won­der­ing what kind of people live here?” The old man replies, “Well, what kind of people lived in your old town?” “They were rude and obnox­ious. Every­one was only con­cerned with them­selves. No one cared about get­ting to know their neigh­bor.” “Well,” says the old man, “I’m afraid you’ll find exactly the same kind of folks here.” Later that day the second indi­vid­ual pulls up, gets out of his car, and asks the old man the same ques­tion: “What kind of people live here?” “Well, what kind of people lived in your old town?” “They were pleas­ant and friendly. Every­one looked out for their neigh­bor. It was a really great place to live.” “I’m happy to say you’ll find exactly the same kind of folks here,” says the old man.

The bottom line of the story above, as I under­stand, is what you see is what you believe. But then I also thought it might be a step even fur­ther – what you see is what you have done.

Dog train­ing and human train­ing are pretty much the same. What you get in gen­eral is what you’ve trained others to give you. Like, if you reward your dog when it does some­thing, it’s going to do that more. That may be kind of reward/punishing mech­a­nism going on there.

In the exam­ple above, guy A said “They were rude and obnox­ious. Every­one was only con­cerned with them­selves. No one cared about get­ting to know their neigh­bor.” Would it be pos­si­ble that it’s him that didn’t go out to get to know his neigh­bor? Maybe his neigh­bor was not ini­tially open or hyper­ac­tive, but did you think he proac­tively went out to meet his neigh­bor? What most likely hap­pened was he saw his neigh­bor “looked kind of unfriendly”, and he gave a “kind of unfriendly look” in return. It all ends up in a bad loop.

Now per­haps that sounds like some seri­ous common sense there but I’d say a lot of people don’t seem to fully under­stand how this works, from what they’re doing. Most people can’t really express what they’re really think­ing. Let’s say they got treated shit from their boss from work, typ­i­cally they wouldn’t do any­thing about it on the spot but they’d bad­mouth the boss at the back later.

From the boss’s per­spec­tive, the employ­ees responded well to that kind of behav­ior, so he’d keep doing it. Now sure, if the employee stood up for him­self he prob­a­bly wouldn’t get very good treat­ment right away, but there’s no deny­ing that it would have “taught the boss a lesson”, no matter how small.

People “reward” other people’s bad behav­ior when they are afraid of the con­se­quences of stand­ing up for them­selves. At other times, how­ever, most people neglect to reward others’ good behav­iors. When people do some­thing to cross us, we’ll blame them imme­di­ately (if it doesn’t seem to have any imme­di­ate bad effects to us).  Now let’s say if you get some good treat­ments from some­one, most people would usu­ally not give too much about it but a con­trived thank you.

Why care about all this stuff? All the title sug­gests, what you see is what you have done. So the bottom line is, if you want people to respond well to you, maybe the very thing you can start con­sid­er­ing right now is to change the way you respond to other people.

installing Windows XP on the Asus EEE pc using a single USB flash drive

As a purist that I am, the first thing I wanted to do when I bought my eee-1000H is to re-​install the OS. I have planned to run ubuntu linux or FreeBSD, but as I need to use Office at work for a while so I thougnt I’ll get a Wnid­ows installed first.

The prob­lem is: eee PC doesn’t have a CD drive!

After some research, I came across this arti­cle that almost got things working.

So what’s not working?

  1. After fin­ish­ing the text por­tion of the set up, I got the dreaded hal.dll error that many people seemed to have expe­ri­enced using the method in the arti­cle above.
  2. My 8GB USB flash drive is too large to use PeToUSB’s FAT16x format.

How to solve the hal.dll problem

The USB Win­dows set up seems to have screwed up some­where in han­dling par­ti­tions. In par­tic­u­lar, if you deleted the orig­i­nal Win­dows par­ti­tion, cre­ated a new one during the Win­dows set up, which will for some reason create a Log­i­cal partition.

To solve this prob­lem, I used Par­ti­tion Magic from Hiren’s BootCD (which can be easily made to boot using a 8GB USB drive) to create a Pri­mary par­ti­tion for Win­dows first, and then I hid my other par­ti­tions – that’s right, set them to hidden. Then I pro­ceeded to Win­dows XP set up and installed XP onto the Pri­mary par­ti­tion I pre­pared. That’s it, then I could follow the instruc­tions in the arti­cle to finally boot­ing into a fresh copy of Windows.

How to solve the 8GB limit

I haven’t found an ele­gant solu­tion yet. PeToUSB only sup­ports for­mat­ting using FAT16x which doesn’t sup­port an 8GB par­ti­tion. I tried using Win­dows format to use FAT32, skip­ping the PeToUSB step but the result­ing USB drive didn’t seem to be bootable.

I thought about par­ti­tion­ing the 8GB flash drive into smaller par­ti­tions, but I didn’t have the time to try it.

In the end I set­tled with my 1GB flash drive :p

“BOOTMGR is missing. Press ctrl+alt+del to restart.”

The situation

I installed Win­dows Vista on a 2 hard-​disk computer:

  • Hard disk 1
  • Hard disk 2 (Install Vista here)

And my BIOS has the boot sequence:

  • Hard disk 2
  • Hard disk 1

That’s all well and good. I went ahead and installed Win­dows Vista and restarted after the progress bar finally fin­ished fill­ing up. Boom! Instead of the eye can­dies I was expect­ing from Vista, I was met with a bunch of black & white text:

BOOTMGR is missing

The problem

After some fud­dling around, I was able to pin point the problem:

  • Hard disk 1 (Boot man­ager is installed here)
  • Hard disk 2 (Win­dows Vista is installed here)

It turns out that Vista installed BOOT­MGR and the System at 2 dif­fer­ent disks!. I real­ized that Vista would always install its BOOT­MGR to the first hard disk, no matter where the System is installed. This is prob­a­bly done assum­ing that most every­day users would leave their fac­tory BIOS set­tings intact, which would usu­ally default to boot the first hard disk.

So to con­firm my assump­tion, I changed my BIOS boot sequence to:

  • Hard disk 1
  • Hard disk 2

I restarted, and bam! Vista booted up! I fixed the prob­lem. But wait, shouldn’t there be a more ele­gant way to solve this prob­lem? In particular,

Can I get the BOOTMGR and the System to reside on the same damn disk?

I tried for sev­eral frus­trat­ing hours and I finally worked out the


To relo­cate Vista’s BOOT­MGR with­out things break­ing up, run the fol­low­ing com­mand with admin privileges

bcdedit /set {bootmgr} device partition=C:

This will modify the infor­ma­tion in D:\bootmgr and D:\Boot\BCD (assum­ing your “1st hard disk” gets the letter D). Now we’ll need to copy the mod­ifed Boot files to C: So we’ll do this

copy D:\bootmgr C:\ mkdir C:\Boot xcopy D:\Boot C:\Boot

Unfor­tu­nately, D:\Boot seems to be locked even in safe mode, so the last com­mand would prob­a­bly fail. Now boot off your Vista set up disc and load the recov­ery con­sole (neat trick: Press Shift+F10 to open the recov­ery con­sole in the Setup screen, the cool way) and run the last com­mand again. Reset your BIOS boot sequence. Tada! You’ve just got your Vista BOOT­MGR and System all in one disk!

Versailles – really awesome symphonic metal band

I stum­bled upon this really amaz­ing visual kei sym­phonic metal band called Versailles.

Really amaz­ing per­form­ers and songwriters.

One very amaz­ing visual kei char­ac­ter is the gui­tarist Hizaki:

You’ll know what I mean if you do a little research on Hizaki to see what it’s really about 🙂

the best way to eradicate your personal life – get a daytime job!

A day­time job is incred­i­bly effi­cient at killing off your per­sonal life, if you have too much of it. Take a look at the pre­vi­ous state­ment drawn out in a chart:

“Memory Insufficient. IME will not work”

Today I stum­bled across this error while doing a Win­dows XP rein­stall. This occurs when I switch to the Boshi­amy IME. That wasn’t par­tic­u­larly prob­lem­atic because I was still able to actu­ally use the IME to type words, but I had to man­u­ally click on the OK button to the error mes­sage every time I switch input lan­guage. To my sur­prise a Google revealed 0 related pages for this error mes­sage. After some fum­bling around, I solved the problem.

All I had to do was to do a

sudo intl.cpl

And add my IME there with ele­vated priv­i­leges. The sudo pack­age I used was sudowin.

Edit: It turns out that I didn’t have to add the IME with ele­vated priv­i­leges, but rather, I must start the IME in an appli­ca­tion with ele­vated priv­i­leges once. After that it will be OK for good.

the world’s hardest game?

Should have been called The World’s Fuzzi­est Game


what happens in an hour long meeting?

I came across this this guy called Michael’s blog which is done pretty right.

academic business management is teh suck

I am con­stantly amazed by how such a bogus sub­ject can make its way to ter­tiary edu­ca­tion. Having stud­ied in this area for about a year now, I keep fail­ing to under­stand why study­ing a sub­ject like this should be worth a bach­e­lor degree’s time and resources, because it shouldn’t. Aca­d­e­mic busi­ness man­age­ment believes that it can breed a new gen­er­a­tion of people who can be “effi­cient man­agers” instead of “effi­cient work­ers”. Wow, sounds cool. Every­body loves to be order­ing instead of being ordered. Unfor­tu­nately as it turns out, they use it as an excuse not to teach you any­thing par­tic­u­larly useful in gen­eral, because order­ing people around is actu­ally a no brainer. While bio­chemists learn about the won­der­ful cre­ations of mother Earth, engi­neers learn about how stuff works in our civ­i­liza­tion, the busi­ness guys learn how to influ­ence other people to buy into their own ideas.

Tech­ni­cal details are for those tech­ni­cally inclined, what a polite and polit­i­cally cor­rect way to address who these busi­ness guys gen­er­ally think of as nerds. What the fuck, now they are the ones who don’t know shits and they think they can order these edu­cated people around, just because they happen to be wear­ing shiny suits or whatnot.

The busi­ness suck­ers are worms. They con­sume and aggra­vate our soci­ety with self­ish intents; the school never teaches you how to con­tribute back to the soci­ety when you’ve gotten rich.

Why do Hong Kong people, or devel­oped coun­tries in gen­eral, work more hours? Because these suck­ers keep trying to “push the limits”, they see how people much bull­shit people can put up with. If I’m paying $10,000 a month and people are still coming to the recruits, let’s try $9,000 until we’ve got just one/two guy that can put up with that bull­shit. If the work­ers seem to not mind work­ing over­time, why not have all of them work over­time? Shit, they think it’s all a board game.

Aca­d­e­mic busi­ness people never pro­duce any­thing like the sci­ence people do. I was watch­ing the TV news when I was riding on a train some days ago. It was about uni­ver­sity coop­er­at­ing with some com­pa­nies to invent a new kind of med­i­cine, help­ing the human species evolve. You’d see this kind of news every so often, yet I bet you’ve seen the slight­est trace of some­thing like this hap­pen­ing in the aca­d­e­mic busi­ness field, which does zero to help the human evo­lu­tion process.

so this is my future…

The Future Photo Museum ChrisのFuture Photo by Free Game Library FREEM!