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avoid all Hyatt hotels now!

If you care about eth­i­cal values and stuffs, or you follow my blog, please heed my two pieces of advice:

  1. Avoid doing busi­ness with any Hyatt prop­erty forever
  2. Spread the words and tell all of your friends not to do busi­ness with Hyatt forever


In short, Hyatt laid off 100 house­keep­ers last year. Well, laying off employ­ees is actu­ally very normal though unfor­tu­nate. The thing is, Hyatt deceived the former employ­ees to train some new, out­sourced house­keep­ers before giving them the exe­cu­tion all of a sudden. It was not a typ­i­cal down­siz­ing, it was a replace­ment to out­sourced cheap labor and the com­pany fully exploited those grass-​root house­keep­ers. What a shame.

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Hyatt is a shame

And I regret so much to have eaten out at some Hyatt before. Well, no more.

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